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10 Men’s Wardrobe Items you Need to Throw Out NOW!!!

10 Men's Wardrobe Items you Need to Throw Out NOW!!!

Hello, gentleman thanks for arriving here. Are you facing any of these problems?

  • Have you ever felt that you have got nothing to wear?
  • When you are getting ready for that short notice meeting, and is your messy wardrobe not allowing you to find that perfect white ironed shirt? 
  • Is your wardrobe so jam-packed that all your clothes are getting wrinkled?

Well, worry not, we are here to help.

Through this blog post, we will help you remove all that clutter in the wardrobe. The less cluttered your wardrobe is, the easier for you to instantly find your favorite clothes on the go. Having a well-organized wardrobe saves a lot of time in the morning.

Here we will help you find 10 trashy items in your wardrobe that are consuming so much of space And creating so much confusion while finding the right clothes. So without further a due let’s get started.

Big & boxy shoes

Big, boxy, ugly, square toes shoes

Shoes are one of the most significant parts of clothing. They elevate your overall look. If you wear a big and boxy mess on your bottoms, it kills your look instantly. They make you look shorter. throw them out NOW!

Instead, buy something minimal. Buy shoes that are modern shaped and narrower around the toe area. It will give a nice slimmer shape to your legs and adds an extra flavor to your look.

Too baggy OR too skinny fitting jeans

Too baggy OR too skinny fitting jeans

The jeans should fit you perfectly. When you wear them, they should feel like a sexy hug. Not too tight, not too loose. If your jeans are too loose, they will make look disproportionate. They may make you look shorter too.

On the other hand, if your jeans are too tight, they will make you look less masculine. Tight jeans have bad effects on health too. They are uncomfortable to wear for the whole day. Rather, buy a few slim fit jeans. The below-given image will give a better idea.

Dad pants

Big baggy Dad pants

This is one of the worst wardrobe mistakes. When it comes to formal pants, a lot of men make this mistake. If you have any Chino or formal pant that is big, baggy, long, and pleated, well, it’s time to get rid of them.

Instead, wear the tailored pants that are designed to fit your body. If you are buying formal pants off the rack, take them to tailor. Get a few much-needed alterations done. Wear well-fitted formal pants, and look your absolute best.

Worn out undies

Worn out old undies. Old underwear

Well, it’s no brainer, they must be thrown out. You have used them enough. It’s time to get rid of them. Get the fresh ones that are soft and better quality. With experience, I can say that the new underwear gives extra comfort and feel. Stop reading this now, find all your worn-out undies, trash them, and then come again and continue reading.

Holy socks

Holy socks

Common, why are you still keeping them? Throw them out NOW! Get rid of them. Some of you may think they are still functional and people won’t notice them. But, you can not control every situation. They have fulfilled their purpose in your life. It’s time to show them the doors. And In fact, the trend of patterned socks is in. Subscribe to some subscription box service. Or go out and grab some amazing socks by your self. 

Those offensive graphic tees

Those offensive graphic tees

As an adult, it’s better to have a decent amount of classic t-shirts in your wardrobe. Your days of wearing those graphic t-shirts are over now. Even as a school or college kid, you should avoid wearing those t-shirts. 

While all your buddies are wearing graphic tees with rather childish, offensive, or downright shocking one-liners, you will stand out as a matured boy with an appreciable sense of clothing. Stay away from those graphic tees and get a few nice quality, solid-colored, well-fitted t-shirts NOW!!

Studded belts

Studded belts

The trend of the studded belt has gone by now. The unless you are a member of some biker gang, you better stay away from those. The belts are one of the most underrated accessories. Apart from its functional purpose, they can enhance your overall look too. 

Instead of ruining your look using studded belts, embrace belts by wearing something clean and classy. There are several styles and material options available for belts. Wear them according to the need of your outfit.

Baggy sweatpants

Off white Baggy sweatpants

I get it, baggy sweat pants give you a comfy feel. They are meant to be worn in that way. But, those comfy pants make you look shorter too, It’s better to trash them and get something more stylish. Buy sweat pants that make you look slimmer and better proportioned. With well-fitted sweatpants, you can even go to casual places without having a second thought. They are the must-have item in any men’s closet.

Stretched t-shirts

Stretched t-shirts

This is also a big no for fashion enthusiasts. If have any t-shirts that have lost its original color, stretched, or have holes in it, well, it’s time to trash them. Get the new stylish ones. The t-shirts are one of the greatest clothing items designed for men. A well-fitting fresh t-shirt makes you look more masculine. Get the quality t-shirts that enhances your overall look. 

Shiny clothes

Shiny clothes

Shiney apparels are old fashioned clothes. Wearing them in this modern age will make you look ugly and out fashioned. No matter how well structured your body is, they will make look weird AF. If they are still a part of your wardrobe, it’s time to get rid of them now. Free up some space for better things in your wardrobe.

The bottom line

I hope, now you have a better idea of what kind of clothing you should be having in your closet. Here is a deal, getting rid of all the above-mentioned clothes is not a one-day task (even though if you can do it, do it now!). It may take a few weeks or a month to get rid of step by step. First, start with the ugliest ones and then complete the whole process slowly and steadily. Thanks for reading till the end. Cheers!

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