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Men’s Fashion Trends That Will Rule the Upcoming Years

Men's Fashion Trends 2020

The year 2020 is here. Its new year, a new decade, it’s time to revamp your style game. Things in the fashion world change every month. And we have been through the whole decade. In 2020 & upcoming years, several new trends are on their way. As a stylish man, you must be aware of all the latest men’s fashion trends. You should be aware of things that will work in 2020 and the years to come.

All the latest fashion trends for men from this article are quite wearable. We have only included things that make you look stylish, proportioned, and fit. Not baggy and oversized clothing (made for ramps only, not for real-world). So without further ado, let’s jump right into our list of top men’s fashion latest trends that will make you look stylish in 2020 and upcoming years.

Biker jacket

Biker jacket

Biker jacket for men has always been the most stylish outfit that has ever been designed for men. This item of clothing will forever be on the top of any men’s fashion clothing trend list. And in upcoming years too, the trend of biker jacket will still be ruling. The biker jacket with stylish details such as cool stitching, designs, metal works, studs, and buttons will be trending. 

And apart from the biker leather jacket, all other forms of the leather jacket will also be popular. Select a leather jacket that suits your personality & style perfectly, and be the most stylish man in the room. The below image will give you the outfit inspiration for the leather jackets. And check out out our article on must-have shirts for men for better outfit inspiration.


Model wearing vests

Another most popular men’s fashion trend will surely be men’s vests fashion. They are one of the most underrated items of clothing. The Vests helps you look well-built and proportioned. It will help you hide some extra fat around your belly. And If you are a skinny dude, the vests help you look more proportioned and healthier.

In short, the Vests make you look in shape. Although keep this one important advice in mind (or you may end look like your dad), Do not wear vests with so many pockets or any such mess. Shop vests with a few details or clean looking minimal design.

Minimal jewelry

Model Wearing Men's Minimal jewelry

I have seen this so many times. The man invests so much on other pieces such as suits, shirts, pants, boots, shoes, etc. But they don’t even pay attention to these little detailing items that can redefine the whole look. For any outfit that man wears, the small jewelry items always make the hell a lot of difference. The minimal jewelry gives an edgy touch to your outfit.

No matter whatever you are wearing, just throw on a few pieces of jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, or rings, which can take your outfit to the whole new level. And always remember, the less is always more. Do not go overboard by wearing dozens of jewelry items together. Single or two or max three pieces of jewelry with any outfit would look good.

Minimal watches

Minimal watches

Gone are the days when we used to wear a big and bulky watch. Those chunky watches make our wrist even smaller and skinnier. It’s time to change it. The trend of minimal or old school style watches had already attracted many eyeballs in 2019. And in 2020 too, the brands have launched several minimal watch designs.

The medium-sized dials with the clean design will be one of the most trending men’s essential accessories in 2020 and upcoming years. While selecting the watch, please make sure that the color of the leather wrist band is matching with all your other leather accessories too. And dial should also be one of the basic colored ones (black, white, brown, silver, gold, or maybe rose gold).

Light wash denim

Model Wearing Light wash denim

This trend is also gonna be way more popular. We all have dark pants in our wardrobe, but no one cares about light wash denim. If you wear them correctly, the light wash denim could be the coolest item to wear.

Try to keep the outfit as casual as possible. Wear casual shirts or t-shirts on the top, and finish the look with sneakers. And the snickers should also be the light-colored ones. And one pro-tip, do not try to pull off the formal look with light wash denim, it could look disastrous. Try to keep the outfit as simple & casual as possible, and you are good to go.


Model Wearing Sliders

This item of footwear started to see the rise in 2019. And in 2020 and upcoming years, they will see even better days. They are the best comfortable footwear option. And they could also be described as a modern take on our traditional sandals or slippers.

The sliders are perfect to wear for the beach parties. Whether you are just chilling out with your buddies, or just for loungewear too, they are the most practical piece of footwear. They are the comfiest footwear option. And yes, you are allowed to wear them on the streets too.

Chelsea boots

Medel Wearing Chelsea boots

If you want to stand out like the badass man in the room, Chelsea boots are the best outfit option to rely on. The Chelsea boots do not have laces on them. They are the simple slip-on type of boots. You can dress them up, or you can dress them down, you can wear them however you want.

You can wear them with a leather jacket & dark jeans. And if you can pull off the look, you can pair them up with the suits too. They are one of the most versatile men’s fashion shoes out there. And the Chelsea boots made from suede are also in right now. Pro-tip, if you are buying boots for the first time, buy them in darker shades.

Monochromatic look

Model Wearing Monochromatic look

This fashion trend has been trending from the past few years. But for the next couple of years, it is gonna see the boom. As a man, we used to get confused between the color combinations, suitable color as per the skin complexion, and zillions. But, this simple fashion trend makes it simple.

As per this trend, you wear the same color outfit with a different tone. You do not need to wear the exact match of your shirt & pants. It’s like matching the different shades of the color from the one color pallet. Personally, I’m a huge fan of this look. And the several top Men’s fashion YouTubers around the world too. The image given above will give you better ideas & inspiration for this outfit.


Model Wearing Stripes outfit

The stripes have been into the man’s fashion from the long ago. Be it a business formal, or any other type of formal event, they work well. The stripes have always been the staple men’s fashion statement. And for upcoming years too, it is going to be even more prominent. When it comes to selecting the striped outfit for yourself, you have to keep the below-mentioned things into mind. 

  • Not all striped outfits are created equally
  • If you are heavy or the wider man, you can select vertical stripes. It will create a taller and thinner illusion for your body.
  • If you are a bit on the skinnier side, you can wear horizontal stripes (Even though I’m not a fan of those). 
  • If it is your first striped outfit, try to go with thinner stripes (not the one that pops out from the outfit).

Retro sneakers

Retro sneakers Outfit

All different variations of sneakers have always been into man’s fashion. And in 2018 & 2019, the big & chunkier snickers were rocking. All the actors, models, and influencers were going gaga over those shoes. But, several of us did not like those shoes. And hence this year, the man’s fashion is transitioning towards classic retro designed snickers.

The classic, retro, and slim design of the sneakers keep that classic nostalgia alive. And brands such as Nike, Reebok, and Adidas are also launching several retro-inspired designs of shoes. I think man’s fashion industry is heading in the right direction.

The wrap-up

thanks for making it till the end. I hope I have been able to help you with your fashion choices. Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you around for the next posts too.

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